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An independent website displaying the work of creative writing enthusiasts. We have many stories to tell and I'm sure there are hundreds of like-minded people out there. You now have a vehicle!... Alan@storiesforthetrain.com

For the Commuter

Choose the story for the time you have

Never have to wait for the outcome


Between the stops

Short Stories and Poetry

All stories have a station clock that shows the reading time required. For the traveller who’s hopping off at the next, or for the quick sit down with a coffee that doesn’t warrant the slippers and novel, short stories are just the job.

And poems can be fun too! Just choose the genre title 'Poetry'.

Up to the hour

Extracts and Essays

Whether you're underground or overground, crowded or alone, an hour's journey, or a while sitting on the platform waiting for your ride home, can be a long time. Stories from 15 minutes to one hour can help to ease the pain. They may be amusing, puzzling or murderous, there's something to suit, whatever your mood.

Listen too...

First Audio available

Sometimes you just want to be pampered. So put the earphones on, go to the new Audio Library, press the button on the phone or laptop and have a short story read to you by an accomplished actor who can really bring out the essence of the piece. Maybe sip your coffee while you listen? Life is short, relax, enjoy yourself. Let us know if you like it.


Short Story Genres

Story types to suit your mood

Smile, Giggle, Laugh

A collection of short stories suitable for those who'd rather leave behind the woes of the world while they journey to work and/or play. They are non-denominational, harmless if you ignore the swearwords and they bridge the gender and preference divide with  consummate ease. Cuddly or cringe-worthy, you choose.

Love, Passion, Poetry

Several short and longer pieces exploring the lives and loves, in prose or verse, of the people potentially sitting opposite you today. We all have something to hide, just hope that his or hers isn't something with which they can scare you. It's people watching, with wicked imagination thrown in, yours!

Murder, Mystery, Thriller

Strange, Weird, Surreal

Not for the faint-hearted. If your boss has been bearing down on you or you're just in the mood for some blood and guts, this painful wince or tortured scream is for you. Whether it's the thrill of the chase, or the unravelling of the plot, there's no such thing as a perfect murder.. yet..

Contributing as an Author

So now you've seen the project, you can possibly  imagine some of your stories adorning this interesting new publication, yes?

If you are a fellow frustrated genius who just loves to write. Whose day revolves around short stories, screenplays and novellas, but whose competition entries have been, thus far, overlooked by the bourgeoisie of print and digital, you may want to consider 'Stories for the Train' as your stepping stone to fame.

I've written for years and am developing now, so If you are interested, talented just go to PUBLISHING;



Alan Goodchild

I am a creative writer and an engineer. I enjoy all types of writing and I work with a group of enthusiastic people in Farnham who show there is a wealth of untapped talent just longing to be read.
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